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Say goodbye to the hard-to-use floss, the ROAMAN W10 Water flosser has excellent cleaning effect Jun 18
For daily oral cleaning, it is not enough to just do general brushing and cleaning, and general physical flossing is not very useful. Improper use can cause bleeding gums and periodontitis. An easy-to-use water floss and flushing device is a good choice to replace physical floss.
 Roaman is a high-efficiency technology company that has focused on deep oral cleaning for more than ten years. It has developed a variety of powerful and high-value oral cleaning tools. Electric toothbrushes and dental flushers are among the best. The design elements with exaggerated tones as the main line have attracted the attention of many young people. This small pagoda flushing device is the latest tooth flushing product of Roman.
The design of the small pagoda adopted by the toothbrush has a good appearance, and it is still in three exaggerated and fresh colors. At first glance, you will fall in love with her heartily. The upper body is the main part, and the lower body is the 220ml large-capacity water tank, which can meet your flushing capacity at one time.
There are as many as five flushing modes, so that users who use the flusher for the first time can also find their own flushing force. The power switch is separated from the gear position. Set the gear position first and then turn on the power, effectively preventing accidental splashing during the washing process. The Type-C charging port design is convenient and fast, and it can be used for about 100 days with one charge. The grip is made of anti-slip treatment, even if the hand is slippery, it is not easy to take off.
 There are two ways to fill the transparent water tank. They can remove the water tank and open the back cover. The water tank is made of environmentally friendly transparent materials, which not only allows you to easily see the amount of water in the tank, but is also durable and environmentally friendly. The two water supply methods are more convenient and fast, and there is no need to worry about water leakage and electricity leakage.
The nozzle of the dental flusher is made of food-grade environmentally friendly materials, and is also a transparent design, allowing you to clearly see the water flowing inside. With a 0.6mm nozzle and 1600 high-pressure pulses per minute, the residue in the tooth gap can be flushed out instantly.
Teeth flushing device is not only for ordinary users, but also for deep cleaning of the oral cavity. It is even more important for users of orthodontic teeth. Because of wearing braces, there are more dead corners in the mouth that are difficult to clean. Generally, brushing the parts that are difficult to clean is much more convenient with a toothbrush. The powerful water floss can wash out the food residues in the teeth between the teeth, and the teeth after deep cleaning will feel refreshed and comfortable.
The safe and convenient high-value small pagoda tooth flusher adopts the popular Type-C charging port design, which is convenient and fast. The fuselage is IPX7-level water-leakage and electricity-proof, and food-grade sprinklers are safe and durable. The large-capacity water tank will flush you enough at a time, and one of the five flushing modes is always suitable for you.
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